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Here's some footage of an older, and little rounder, Hideo Nomo pitching in Japan

What will make you happy on this cold February day? How can I shine a light down into your soul, brightening your world and keeping you afloat until Spring Training starts in two weeks time?

How about some footage of Hideo Nomo pitching in Japan:

He's put on a few pounds (who doesn't in retirement?), but that is indeed the one they called "Tornado." According to Sung Min Kim, it's from an exhibition for retired players back in November.

Of course, it was just 24 years ago that Nomo exploded upon the scene with the Dodgers -- winning Rookie of the Year, throwing two career no-hitters, leading the league in strikeouts twice and helping to open the door to Japanese stars like Ichiro and Hideki Matsui. And, even at 50 years old, it looks like he's still got that vintage Nomo windup going.

The world needs an old man pitch-off between Hideo Nomo and Roger Clemens ASAP.