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High schooler with muscular dystrophy gets an emotional at-bat

Drew Bonner was born with Duchenne muscular dystrophy and by the time he was 11, his symptoms had progressed to the point that he could no longer play his favorite sport: baseball.

Since then, Bonner, nicknamed D-Bone, has remained invested in baseball, albeit off the field. Now a student at Fairfax High School in Virginia, he's been the school's team manager for four years, keeping track of the players statistics and advising coaches on their moves and tactics.

On Monday night, the school held "Drew Bonner Night" to acknowledge his contribution to the team, and as part of it, D-Bo got to take a ceremonial plate appearance in the bottom of the first inning. Bonner drew a four-pitch walk and was mobbed by the opposing team when he reached first, and again by his own team when he returned to home.

From the Washington Post:

"I said to my husband [Neil], 'Turn around and take a picture of the stands,'" [Drew's mother] Jan Bonner said. "They were just filled with parents, mostly kids and teachers and people that normally don't come out to these games. Then all of a sudden a group of lacrosse players comes in and fills in right up against the fences because there was no room left in the stands. It just overwhelmed me. The community there is just unbelievable. To be so supportive of Drew, it just takes my breath away."

Make sure to read the whole piece -- Bonner's story is truly remarkable, and that fact that he got a chance to take one more at-bat is a great testament to the strength and support of the entire Fairfax community.

-- Dakota Gardner /