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Home-plate umpire Doug Eddings lost to gravity on this throw that went straight into the dirt

Every day humans wage war on gravity. Pulling ourselves out of bed, picking things up off the ground, building and then flying airplanes: All are done in the face of gravity's 9.807 m/s² force trying to pull us down. Usually, we win. Sometimes, though, we lose. 

Home-plate umpire Doug Eddings put one in the loss column during the Blue Jays' 4-2 win over the Astros on Saturday. Looking to throw the ball back to the mound after a pitch in the dirt, he found that this time gravity would assert its dominance. 


Of course, the best part is the "Nah, dawg, I got this" hand wave he gave before unleashing his toss. Perhaps it was his hubris that inspired gravity to kick it up a notch. Or, more likely, it was that Jason Grilli was looking at the turf and Eddings didn't want to break the cardinal rule of only throwing the ball when the recipient is ready.