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Sandy Leon and umpire Jim Reynolds teamed up to run the option play on this popup

For the briefest of moments on Monday, a football game threatened to break out during a baseball game. See, the only reason that a baseball game can be played is if all 18 participants involved agree that, yes, this is what we're going to do. If everyone just started dribbling basketballs or, heck, even busted out the checkers board, there's nothing that could be done to stop it. 

So when Mike Aviles hit a popup behind the plate in the top of the second of the Tigers-Red Sox tilt, Sandy Leon and Jim Reynolds briefly considered converting the game. Leon faded back and, with home-plate umpire Reynolds running wide, Leon went with the option play as he lateraled his helmet to Reynolds. 


Of course, Reynolds decided not to start barreling toward center field, daring anyone to tackle him, and so baseball resumed a moment later. But if he did? Shudder at the thought.