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HOPE Week Day 4: Yankees honor GlamourGals

Many seniors in nursing homes do not receive frequent visitors. On Thursday, the senior citizens at the East Haven Nursing and Senior Rehab Center were taken care of by the GlamourGals, a non-profit organization founded by Rachel Doyle.

The mission of the GlamourGals is to inspire and organize teens to provide ongoing complimentary beauty makeovers and companionship to elderly women living in senior homes.

The GlamourGals Bronx chapter was on hand at the East Haven center to do some makeovers when they were surprised with a few special helpers: Nick Swisher, Brett Gardner and David Robertson.

After presenting the GlamourGals with a check for $10,000, the players spent some time with the senior citizens and even gave a few manicures. The GlamourGals, along with some of the East Haven Center’s residents, were invited back to Yankee Stadium for a fun-filled night at the ballpark.

“The fact that we have 30 GlamourGals volunteers just doing what they normally do, getting recognized for this wonderful work and showing them this is special, they are special," said Doyle. "Sometimes they don’t get to hear that."

For the GlamourGals, the seniors of East Haven Nursing and Rehab Center, and the New York Yankees, today was surely one for the ages.

Learn more about the GlamourGals here and Yankees HOPE Week here.

-- Matt Latimer