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Astros owner Jim Crane catches Elvis Andrus' foul ball, delivers to fan

Astros owner snags foul ball during game with Texas

Being the owner of a Major League team comes with some pretty great perks -- like, you know, getting to own a baseball team. But while it's a lot of fun to hang out at the ballpark (or just pull a Ted Turner and name yourself manager), few things can compare with the childlike euphoria of snagging a mid-game souvenir. So when Houston owner Jim Crane saw an Elvis Andrus foul ball headed his way during Tuesday's Astros-Rangers game, he didn't miss his chance:

Astros owner catch

As it turns out, Crane had a secret advantage: Back in college at Central Missouri State (now known as the University of Central Missouri), Crane was a standout pitcher, going 21-8 over his four years, posting a 2.42 ERA and still holding the school record for complete games (23) and strikeouts (7).

But his mind was on something far more important than taking home a souvenir. "I wish it counted for an out," he told's Brian McTaggart. "We could have used it in the first [inning]."

Well played, Mr. Crane. Eye on the prize. And, of course, he followed the Golden Rule of Foul Ball Etiquette: Always give that thing away to a nearby fan. 

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