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Astros rookies dress up in all kinds of costumes, and you will never unsee them

Astros rookies dress in, um, interesting costumes

In a world where rookies will always, always have to dress up in silly costumes during the month of September, one team will rise above the rest and claim their costumes as the silliest. Houston Astros Productions presents: Rookie Roast 2015: 2 Rookie 2 Roast. 

Starring Carlos Correa as Wonder Woman:

Correa Wonder Woman

Matt Duffy as That Other Matt Duffy (it's the role he was born to play): 

Matt Duffy

Lance McCullers as a very liberal interpretation of Batwoman (awesome cleats not included): 


And Preston Tucker as Bamm-Bamm:

Preston Tucker

In theaters and your nightmares, Fall 2015. 

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