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Hunter Pence and his fiancee are shockingly convincing as Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro

The baseball community produced a lot of outstanding Halloween costumes this year. Mike Fiers and some friends dedicated themselves to a shockingly detailed recreation of "The Sandlot." A young Cubs fan took the Grandpa Rossy nickname and ran with it. Seemingly all of Northeast Ohio just wanted to beTrevor Bauer.
Alas, we regret to inform all of these worthy competitors that there can only be one Best Costume winner, and Hunter Pence turned Halloween 2016 into a race for second place. The Giants outfielder and his fiancee, Twitch broadcaster and very cool human being Alexis Cozombolidis, dressed up as Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro. And by "dressed up" we mean "committed to embodying entirely":

Here's an actual screenshot from the film, for comparison:

Worried Pence's dance moves don't compare? Don't worry: 

Pence/Pedro 2016.