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Hunter Pence's offseason hair is the best present we didn't ask for

Hunter Pence's offseason hair is the best present

The above video is important for two reasons. First, it features Hunter Pence discussing a worthwhile cause: the Hunter Pence Baseball Academy for young athletes, which he operates with his brother Howie and their friend Sean Danielson, and which is probably a bit more effective than Hunter's Hitters.

Second, it features Hunter Pence's offseason hair.

Pence's hair during the 2014 MLB season was always a bit wild, poofing up in golden tufts and spilling out underneath his ball cap:



But his offseason hair takes things to another level. Propped up by the headband -- which, we should point out, is glorious itself -- Pence's locks look as if they're reaching for the heavens.


We don't know how it holds its shape like that. It is a veritable holiday miracle.

At this rate, by Opening Day, Pence might very well belong in the Addams Family:

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