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Ian Kinsler starred in a short film with Jack White and made its soundtrack his walk-up song

Thursday night, rocker Jack White released his new song, "Battle Cry," without any preceding build-up or hype. Friday morning, he let the world know that the new song would serve as the walk-up music for Tigers second baseman Ian Kinsler.

In addition to walk-up music, "Battle Cry" serves as the soundtrack to War Cry: The Battle of the Hawk and the Raven, a promotional film starring both White and Kinsler. A portion of the earnings for "Battle Cry" will be donated to the Native Wellness Institute to support youth and adult training programs for Native Americans.

You can watch the short film and hear Kinsler's new walk-up song below:

If this song produces the same effect on Kinsler in real life as it does in the above video, it should prove to be a good choice.