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Ian Kinsler stole second, then scored while Angels violated the cardinal rule of Little League

The Tigers trailed the Angels by a single run in the final game of their weekend series when Ian Kinsler earned a walk in the bottom half of the first frame. Kinsler didn't waste much time getting around the basepaths, stealing second and then scoring while the Angels violated the Cardinal Rule of Little League: Don't throw the ball around the infield.

Hank Conger's throw found its way into center field and Mike Trout tossed the ball into the empty space, allowing Kinsler to take advantage of his wide turn around third and sneak in under a throw to the plate. Detroit ended up squeaking out the win in Sunday's rubber match 2-1, so someone needs to put a gold star next to Kinsler's name on the bulletin board in the back of the classroom. Can't knock the hustle.