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If Dr. Seuss wrote about the Bernie, it might sound something like this ...

The sun had gone down
But it was time to play!
Oakland A's baseball
On Opening Day!

The bunting was hung
And the lineups were set.
A division champs banner unfurling? You bet!
But one thing was needed 'fore the pregame felt final
That crazy dance hit that went massively viral.

In 2012 it took Oakland by storm
Doing the Bernie was simply the norm.
ISA, who rapped it, will throw a first pitch
But we still need to scratch that Bernie-ing itch.

Oh! What a dance!
That cadaverous shake!
If you think that it's over you're wrong, for Pete's sake!

Take these Bernie-fied Seuss Things.
You'll say when you see 'em
"Long live the Bernie, at the old Coliseum!"

-- Dan Wohl /