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I'll take 'Logged and Loaded' for 1,000, Alex

Answer: This @MLBProductions game-logger won his third straight Jeopardy championship last night, increasing his total winnings to over $40,000 in the process.

Who is Dan McShane, Alex?

That would be correct. McShane defended his title to the tune of a $15,601 payday on Tuesday, meaning he's halfway to becoming the 19th Superchampion in Jeopardy history.

The West Islip, NY, native may want to give Baseball IQ a shot when he's done matching wits with Trebek.

As a game-logger for MLB Productions, McShane spent the postseason recording every detail of Major League video broadcasts. From walk-offs to Rally Squirrel sightings, if it happened on the field, Dan entered it into a computer program designed to keep searchable records of every MLB highlight.

Be sure to tune in as Dan goes for four straight tonight, and follow @MLBProductions on Twitter.