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In honor of the Home Run Derby, the first annual #judgecon popped up in New York City

Photo: @jenzudony

In recognition of his MLB-leading 30 home runs in the first half, Aaron Judge has been selected to compete in Monday night's T-Mobile Home Run Derby on ESPN at 8 p.m. ET. Over the past couple months, Judge has grown accustomed to playing in front of some of his fellow guardians of the law that occupy a section in Yankee Stadium's right-field seats.

Even in his absence, the judges of New York City plan to gather for the first annual JudgeCon to get ready for Monday night's Home Run Derby.

The convention made its way around New York City on Monday, including a ride on the subway.

Obviously, the convention had to make a stop at the origin of the movement: Yankee Stadium.

Perhaps it's a bit premature to declare JudgeCon to be an annual gathering, but after watching over 80 games of Judge in 2017, it is easy to envision this meeting recurring for many years.