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Delayed by rain, the Indians and Tigers took to Twitter for the Games of the Snapchat Olympiad

Indians and Tigers play Snapchat games during delay

There are many competing theories for how best to while away the hours during a rain delay. Classic/infuriatingly inconclusive childhood games, for example, or maybe an impromptu dance-off, or even what could charitably be described as a cross between Greek tragedy and "Salvador Dali imagines the Super Bowl halftime show."

But all of these, while entertaining, have become passeé -- rendered quaintly obsolete by the technological advancements of the Information Age. Thankfully, while rain was delaying their game on Sunday afternoon, the Indians and Tigers Twitter accounts brought us what is easily the most 21st century time-killer in history: a few stirring rounds of Find the Emoji in This Snapchat Photo.

But before Cleveland even knew what hit them, a new challenger emerged from the West, and it came bearing dolphins:

A tense staredown ensued, as the pace quickened and neither foe/social media employee would blink.

Alas, just when a stalemate seemed inevitable, Mother Nature swooped in to remind us of who the real winner is -- and forced everyone to get back to, you know, actually playing baseball and stuff:

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