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Indians catcher/hero Chris Gimenez took the mound and calmly tossed a 1-2-3 inning in relief

Never understimate the value of a utility player -- and not just the kind that can play second and third base. 

The Indians currently employ catcher Chris Gimenez, who has logged many innings of his eight-year career behind the plate. But he's more than just a receiver ... he's an occasional relief pitcher, too. As a Ranger in 2014, he threw a clean inning of relief in his first pitching appearance. This season, he followed that up with two innings of mop-up work in a July matchup with the Blue Jays, allowing four earned runs in the process.

In the Rangers' 7-0 win over Cleveland on Saturday, Gimenez added a third pitching performance to his resume (and spared the Tribe from a tough decision roster-wise) by taking the mound in the bottom of the eighth to face a trio of Rangers. To Gimenez's credit, he held his own on the mound, retiring Elvis Andrus on a liner to shortstop, Robinson Chirinos on a grounder to short and Nomar Mazara on a foulout to catcher. 


Note Gimenez's calm, cool demeanor and easy delivery out there on the bump. That's a man who know's he's in charge, and isn't afraid to do whatever it takes to help out his team.

There may be two i's in "Chris Gimenez," but there's also one and two e's -- half of the word "team," which probably means something about teamwork and ... oh, you get the point by now.