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This fan just caught four -- FOUR -- foul balls in one game

The next time someone makes fun of you for bringing your glove to a ballgame, just tell him the story of Greg Van Niel. This Indians fan brought his old glove to Progressive Field on Sunday, and ended up catching four -- yes, four! -- foul balls in a single game.

Van Niel brought his family to the game and sat on the third base line, where he found himself busy retrieving balls throughout the day.

"Three of them were catches and one was a ball I picked up off the ground," said Van Niel. "The third one, I think was the hardest one ... I ended up sprawled across a few rows, and I got some cheese on myself. But the other ones were just a matter of being in the right place at the right time."

The foul balls were the first (second, third and fourth) of his lifetime at Progressive Field.

-- Max Lom / Real-Time Correspondent

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