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Indians fan shows perfect form while trying to catch foul ball, has it bounce off his head

Often there's a reason why the fans watching the game are in the stands, rather than out on the field. Every now and then, a fellow Major Leaguer finds himself with a rare off-day and can drop in on some other baseball action, but usually the stands are filled with the people who love the sport but were not gifted with the outstanding skills and abilities to let them play it a high level. 

Like this Indians fan for instance. In the seventh inning against the Royals on Tuesday night, he reached up for the ball, showing perfect form, and was ready to make the grab. Unfortunately ... 


Whoops. Fortunately for the fan, while his pride may be hurt, he can at least hold that perfectly shaved dome high. For not only did he try, but it was also a very Major League play ... in a way.