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Francisco Lindor gets Jose Ramirez in on the fun for his latest mind-bending defensive play

Death, taxes, and otherworldly Francisco Lindor defensive gems. Those are the three absolutes in life.

In the ninth inning of the Indians' 7-1 win over the Royals on Saturday night, Lindor added another entry to his ridiculous cache of highlight-reel defensive efforts on a grounder up the middle from Kendrys Morales.

Ranging far to his right -- and we mean far, considering he landed in the center-field grass -- Lindor tracked down the bouncer and flipped it to Jose Ramirez, who gunned it to first for the out.


It was a tremendous example of Lindor's range and awareness, two facets of his play that have prompted dropped jaws frequently so far this season.

After the game, Cleveland manager Terry Francona lauded the play when speaking with's Jordan Bastian:

"That was fun to watch, man. Not only was it Frankie being athletic, but Jose being heads-up. That was fun to watch. You can see their enthusiasm behind it, which makes it even better."

Perhaps remarkably, Lindor had this to say when asked if the play was the result of his instinct with the glove: 

"No. Ramirez, before that play happened, told me, 'If I catch the ball, I'm going to give it to you.' I said, 'All right, if I catch it, I'm going to give it to you.' As soon as it was hit, I knew I was going to give it to him."

If you're sitting there blown away by Lindor's defense on a daily basis, you're not alone. Teammate Josh Tomlin is just as impressed, and he works with him: 

"Tonight, he surprised us again. You never know what he's going to pull off. He's a special player. I'll keep saying it. He's fun to watch -- that's for sure."

Impressing everybody on a daily basis like this? Yeah, it means you're good at what you do.