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Allow Jose Ramirez to demonstrate the challenge of sliding into second base gracefully

Sliding. Among the demands of playing baseball, it's not one of the easiest things to pull off with ease.

Sometimes, as we've seen with instant replay calls, a runner's momentum carries him past the bag entirely, much to the benefit of a nearby infielder waiting with an outstretched glove. Other times, the ridiculous is made to look simple.

In Monday's contest with the Royals, Indians left fielder Jose Ramirez found himself more or less acting out a PSA to everybody that sliding is actually a pretty hard thing to do. Sometimes, things just don't work out the way you planned, and all you can do is laugh about it -- which is exactly what he did after attempting to nab second base on a foul ball: 


That's worth a multi-angle replay, if you ask us:

Of course, as much of a second nature as sliding can be for those lucky ballplayers that just know how to do it, even Ramirez's effort above is probably more close to "textbook" than what the regular non-playing fan would be able to muster …