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Watch Mike Napoli, powerful human being, absolutely destroy a tiny baseball

Closer Kevin Jepsen didn't even want to throw a strike to Mike Napoli in the ninth inning of Tuesday's Indians-Twins game. His team was up, 5-4, and he figured he should stay away from a man who, let's face it, probably chops down trees with his fists in the offseason and eats them as part of his training regimen.

But Napoli didn't care. He was swinging and he was destroying: 

The game-tying moonshot traveled a Statcast™ estimated 441.9 feet at 109.45 mph. On a pitch that was up at Napoli's shoulders and probably a bit off the plate. At least his bat held intact this time.

Unfortunately for the Indians, the Twins won the game on a walk-off Miguel Sano single in the bottom half of the inning.