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This nonchalant ballboy is the personification of a relaxing weekend watching baseball

There's little better than waking up on a Saturday morning, having a leisurely breakfast and then putting your feet up and watching baseball the rest of the day -- no number of chores or tasks getting you to expend even the slightest bit of energy. In fact, you probably order delivery on your phone and just yell to the delivery guy that the door is open and the money is on the counter. 

This Indians ballboy represented that intrepid weekend spirit and showed off some 80-grade chill as the Indians took on the Twins at Progressive Field. When Michael Brantley doubled down the line in the second inning, the ballboy saw a fan going for the ball in front of him and, knowing that jumping up and pulling his chair away would be a waste of time and energy, simply sat back and enjoyed the spectacle. 


Three cheers for you, Mr. Ballboy. You are the ballboy we wished we could be.