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Indians players go the homemade route with their Mother's Day cards

Indians make cards for mom in clubhouse

On January 11, 1990, Danny Salazar's mother welcomed him to the world. Now, 24 years later, her baby boy is spending Mother's Day inside Tampa Bay's Tropicana Field as the Indians take on the Rays. Even though Salazar and the rest of the Tribe spent mom's special day on the road, they knew exactly how to make it up to the wonderful women in their lives: homemade cards.

Check out that focus. The guys are really wired-in. And good thing because, really, nothing says "Hapy Mother's Day!!!" like an asymmetrical stick figure holding a bouquet of flowers. And doilies. Lots of doilies.

Nyjer Morgan went with the glitter, which seems like an odd choice because good luck getting that crap off your hands.

Meanwhile, Nick Swisher went with the bread-and-butter "MOM" tattoo style, making apt use of the heart-with-an-arrow-through-it. Classic.

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