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Injured veteran raises awareness for Wounded Warrior Project

Wearing red is as common as it gets in St. Louis, especially around Busch Stadium. But wearing blue when the rival Cubs are in town? That's a bit risky.

Will Leavitt took in BP prior to Friday's game, donning a T-shirt with the familiar home color, but holding a cap belonging to his favorite team, the Cubs.

“Being able to affect someone’s life, that is what is rewarding,” Leavitt said. “But really you yourself end up learning things from other people with disabilities.”

While serving in Iraq, Leavitt suffered an injury that left him paralyzed from the waist down. But he has overcome the odds and recently qualified for the Paralympic Games in weightlifting.

“Doing things even like going to a baseball game can get an injured soldier involved because it gets them out there again,” Leavitt said. “You get injured, then you come back and you don’t want to do anything except just stay at home. But that is what you have to get past.”

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