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Instagram besties: Could Jose Reyes be Jay-Z's next Roc Sports recruit?

via @lamelaza_7

Is this the beginning of a beautiful friendship? Jose Reyes posted a photo of himself with Jay-Z on his Instagram on Friday.

Jay-Z's newly minted Roc Nation Sports agency has already signed Robinson Cano, Kevin Durant and Victor Cruz. Beyonce's husband has also been -- unofficially -- linked to Yasiel Puig and Yoenis Cespedes. Though neither the Blue Jays shortshop nor the music mogul have publicly commented on a potential business relationship ... well, you never know.

As we see it, there are four ways to interpret this picture.

1. There's no cause for speculation here. Two celebrities met each other. They had fun. They took a photo. So what?

2. Jay-Z is, in fact, courting Reyes as Roc Sports' newest client.

3. Hova wants aspiring rapper Reyes to make an appearance on his next album.

4. Illuminati?!?!

h/t Big League Stew