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Max Scherzer wants to live in Westeros, makes a mean gumbo

Scherzer wants to live in Westeros, loves Ozzie Smith

Max Scherzer won the Cy Young Award in 2013, made two All-Star teams and, most recently, struck out 16 batters in a historically good start. How did he do it? As you can see in the video above, the righty sat down with Cut4 and gave us his best baseball advice: "You always have to get better."  

He also told us which teammates he'd take on a cross-country road trip, and warned us against letting him do karaoke for any reason. Off-camera, he even mentioned his skills in the kitchen: His best dish is a gumbo inspired by a college roommate from New Orleans.

"The secret is lots of fresh herbs, lots of basil, cilantro, oregano, parsley," he told us.

But he's no stranger to ballpark food. In fact, he wants to get better acquainted with it.

"I've gotten to visit all the parks and put my name inside the Fenway wall … I guess I need to have the food from each stadium. I should try to get more of the food from each city. That's my next accomplishment," said Scherzer.

However, he also said that nothing can beat the hot dogs at Busch Stadium. Scherzer grew up a Cardinals fan and loved Ozzie Smith.

"Every time you go to the game you'd see a great defensive play. You'd see all the little things you could do with a baseball to effect the game. He was the best ever, in my opinion."

So, now you know Scherzer has the skills it takes to succeed in this world, but aren't you just a little curious about how he'd do in a fictional universe? Sure, people call him "Mad Max," but he told us that he'd rather live in Westeros than on Bullet Farm.

But unlike fellow hurler C.J. Wilson, instead of focusing on the way he'd die on Game of Thrones, he thought about how he'd live.

"Maybe I could throw axes or something," he said.

Most importantly, he knows what banner he'd fly in battle.

"Now that I have this contract I'm a Lannister, but I like to think of myself as a Stark."


However, he also said he waits until the end of each season to watch, so he hasn't seen the finale yet, so uh, don't tell him how it ends.

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