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Introducing the Brewers' new bullpen suitcase

Back in March, Brewers reliever Tim Dillard was in search of a Green Bay Packers suitcase.

No, he wasn't changing sports. Dillard was simply looking for some Wisconsin-themed luggage to carry the team's wide array of essential bullpen items: candy, stretch bands, weighted balls, finger nail clippers, sunscreen and hand lotion.

Oh, and don't forget Gatorade Bars, which the relievers say came in handy during Sunday's 15-inning affair against the Twins.

Dillard enlisted teammate Jon Axford's help, and the pair hatched a plan. They bought a plain suitcase, then Axford reached out to fans via Twitter to have them submit stickers to add to the suitcase.

Fans mailed in a variety of stickers, many Wisconsin-themed, and one of them will receive the suitcase as a souvenir in the future.

-- Adam DeCock

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