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Introducing the MLB All-Social Media Team

When it comes to social media, most of us think we have it figured out, right? Maybe not, but some of these guys do. We developed the MLB All-Social Media Team that is guaranteed to boost your timelines full of witty banter and hilarious tweets in 280 characters or less.

Thank us later.

Catcher -- Salvador Perez (Instagram)

While Salvy's Insta account is always entertaining, the best stuff on there is whenever he messes with Lorenzo Cain. While Cain's time in KC could be coming to an end this offseason, you should definitely go relive all the highlights of Perez screwing around with his compadre. Even if Cain leaves, we have faith that the all-star catcher will keep the #Content flowing.

Honorable Mention: Mike Marjama (Twitter) (Instagram)

First Baseman -- Carlos Santana (Instagram)

Con uno de mi compañero compartiendo. josh tomlin 💪💪💪💪💪💪.

A post shared by carlos santana (@slamtana_41) on

Though he just signed a big 3-year contract with the Philz, the actual Carlos Santana (forget that well accomplished, super talented guitar-playing dude), has been crushing it on Instagram for a while. His super adorable picture with former teammate Josh Tomlin from this past autumnal season is a particular highlight. Also notable, this recent video of him pushing a car uphill.

Honorable Mentions: Eric Thames (Twitter)

Second Baseman -- Micah Johnson (Twitter)

The utility man speedster's Twitter feed ranges from the limits of his own baseballing abilities to educating his son about backyard baseball. But not only is Johnson an artist with the tweets, he's an artist with the... art supplies. Check this sweet art piece out that Johnson himself created.

Honorable Mentions: Robinson Cano (Instagram)

Third Baseman -- Jose Ramirez (Twitter)

The Indians have been a pretty good social media team the last few years. Between the consistant talents of @Indians, the clairvoyant clapbacks of Jason Kipnis , and the baseball doll exploits of Cookie Carrasco, there's been a lot to post about in Cleveland. But no member of that team is better on the interwebs than All-Star utility dude/good hair haver/bad helmet wearer Jose Ramirez. 

Honorable Mentions: Travis Shaw (Twitter)

Shortstop -- Didi Gregorius (Twitter)

The Yankee's shortstop had a breakout 2017 season on the field, smushing 25 taters for the baby bombers, but he also spent this season announcing his exploits to the world on Twitter. By the end of the season, Didi was tweeting out emoji-heavy game recaps after almost every single Yankees victory including a special emoji for almost every dude on the Yankees roster. 

Honorable Mentions: Francisco Lindor (Instagram)

Left Fielder -- Lane Adams (Twitter)

You may not know a lot about Lane Adams -- he only had three major league plate appearances before his call up in 2017 -- but we reccomend hitting that follow button. If you can handle his extreme pro-LeBron takes (most of which we agree with him on) then he's a must follow.

Honorable Mentions: Tommy Pham (Instagram)

Center Fielder -- Andrew McCutchen (Twitter)

Andrew McCutchen's social media is starting to gain some traction. He's not afraid to talk to anyone in his mentions and poke fun at himself. The new dad also had an adorable birth announcement of his son Steel ... and how can we forget that time he proposed to his now wife ... on "The Ellen Show."

Honorable Mentions: Dee Gordon (Twitter)

Right Fielder -- Yasiel Puig (Twitter) (Instagram)

Un gigante en París hahahha

A post shared by @yasielpuig (@yasielpuig) on

#PuigYourFriend on social media as well. All baseball fans know about Puig's energetic exploits on the baseball diamond, but he's just as all over the place -- in a good way -- on the social media machines. His pictures from a recent tour of Europe are particularly quaint.

Honorable Mentions: Hunter Pence (Twitter) (Instagram)

Designated Hitter -- Nelson Cruz (Instagram)

A Dominican reunion #PedroCharityGala

A post shared by Nelson Cruz (@ncboomstick23) on

Nelson Cruz has always held a place in our hearts. But it was a photo he took with umpire Joe West during the All-Star Game last season that made the social media world fall in love with him just a little more. And whether he's signing autographs for fans, spending time with the fam or working out, Cruz always delivers on social media.

Starting Pitcher -- Trevor Williams (Twitter)

Trevor Williams' high-five tweet may have been one of the best from any of the guys on here last year -- his Twitter game is v strong. He's always open to answering fans' questions, and despite having "a face for podcasting," he still manages to keep all of his followers on their toes. Great follow. 

Starting Pitcher -- Noah Syndergaard

While Mets fans missed Syndergaard dearly on the field in 2017, the big right-hander's presence was still felt regularly on social media throughout the season. One of Syndergaard's biggest strengths on Twitter -- besides his never-ending beef with Mr. Met -- is his full-blown embrace of his "Thor" nickname. He certainly doesn't shy away from the Nordic nickname he earned early in his career -- he loves it, and has gotten more than a few good tweets out of it over the years.

Starting Pitcher -- Johnny Cueto (Instagram)


A post shared by Johnny Cueto (@johnnycueto47) on

The thing that's great about Johnny Cueto, is everything. He's not afraid to put exactly who he is out on social media -- whether it's him dressed to the nines, or entertaining whoever has the camera on him.

Starting Pitcher -- Yu Darvish (Twitter)

You want to talk about being honest. Yu Darvish made sure to let the world know that some trade rumors about him were just that, rumors. So he not only communicates with followers, but he will set the record straight, all while putting a little humor into it. 

Starting Pitcher -- Brandon McCarthy

Brandon McCarthy is the true original gangster of social media. He and his wife Amanda McCarthy run fantastic social media accounts ... even when they are giving one another grief in 280 characters or less. Do yourself a service and follow both of them.

Honorable Mentions: Brett Anderson, Marcus Stroman, Steven Brault, Chris Archer, Jameson Taillon, Danny Duffy

Closer -- Sean Doolittle (Twitter)

Brandon McCarthy said so himself, he loves following Sean Doolittle on Twitter -- and what a compliment. If you're into hilarious jokes, fun banter ... and Star Wars references, consider following. You will not be disappointed. 

Honorable Mentions: Luke Jackson (Twitter)