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Introducing THE San Diego Padre

Kudos to this fan for pulling out all the stops in support of the San Diego Padres.

We're not quite sure if real Padres wear designer sunglasses and tennis shoes, but let's focus on the positives.

The long brown robe is certainly not typical ballpark garb, and yet somehow makes total sense in San Diego. With warm but not stifling weather, and a cool, ocean breeze, the robe provides a sort of full-body natural air conditioning unit.

But for the sake of all in Petco Park, we really hope this guy is wearing something underneath.

We wonder if dressing as your team's mascot is going to be a trend now. Will we see Phoenix natives dressed as Diamondbacks? Toronto fans dressed as Blue Jays? What do Dodgers wear?

So tell us: What team makes for the best fan costume?

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