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Is Joe Mauer's doppelganger playing in the NCAA tournament?

Like the rest of America's sports-viewing populating, Astros pitcher Pat Neshek spent Thursday watching the many games of the NCAA tournament. And, being a Butler grad, one of the games Neshek watched was his Bulldogs' defeat of the Texas Longhorns. During the game, Neshek made a discovery:

Neshek would know. He spent four seasons as a teammate of Joe Mauer's on the Twins, and as a Butler alumnus, has presumably seen at least a few games of Kellen Dunham in action. But still, he isn't sure -- he phrases his proposition as a question.

Our answer: If Mauer has a doppelganger in college basketball, it is Dunham.


Mauer is 10 years older than the 21-year-old Dunham and tends to wear his hair shorter. But the resemblance is there:


They even make similar faces sometimes:


And when Mauer's hair is longer, we can definitely see it:


We can't really put our finger on why they look alike -- there's something about their noses and mouths, maybe? -- but if Mauer Benjamin Buttoned a decade, we bet they could pull off a switcheroo (we're not sure of Dunham's skills on the diamond, but Mauer played basketball in high school).

And if they met in present day, it'd probably go something like this:

Get ready, Kellen. This is what you'll look like in 2025: