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It seems Justin Verlander and Kate Upton will tie the knot the weekend after the World Series

It's now 18 months since we learned that World Series champion Justin Verlander and actress Kate Upton were engaged. And, just after Verlander won the first World Series of his career, he seems set to cram every major life event into a single week:

Relationship goals, life goals, career goals all packed into one week. Perhaps, as Heyman suggests -- and's Brian McTaggert confirms -- too packed, considering he also wants to work a wedding into it. Though, with the Astros' championship parade scheduled for 2 p.m. CT on Friday, careful planning could fit both the parade and his wedding into the agenda. The rehearsal dinner would be another story entirely.

Or, Verlander and Upton could opt for a more relaxing, less hectic wedding weekend. We'll soon find out what their intentions are.