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Jake Lamb gets silent treatment after first home run, high fives imaginary teammates

Jake Lamb high fives imaginary teammates after 1st HR

Since being drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the sixth round in 2012, all Jake Lamb has done is hit. Rocketing through five levels over the last three years, the third baseman hit .321/.406/.553 with 37 HR to go along with an above average glove

Like a lot of rookies though, things have been a little more difficult since his callup to the Majors on August 7th. That may have started to change on Saturday when Lamb crushed his first career dinger to right center. 

Instead of being rewarded with hearty congratulations and a pat-on-the-back when he got back to the dugout, Lamb was subjected to the old ignore-the-home-run routine. That's okay though, because Lamb took a page out of Liz Lemon's book and high fived a million angels. 

High Five

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