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Jameson Taillon can't get his jacket zipped up at first base, causes delay, gets booed

Everyone knows that one of the greatest frustrations in life is when you get your jacket zipper stuck. It's up there with a weak Wi-Fi signal and getting chunky peanut butter on a sandwich when you asked for creamy.

During Tuesday's Pirates-Giants game, Jameson Taillon felt the zipper struggle while trying to slip on a jacket at first base. He caused nearly a one-minute long delay and began hearing boos from the AT&T Park fans.

It's hard enough zipping up your jacket by yourself, but when you throw 40,000 fans into the equation, it can feel impossible.

As Taillon told's Adam Berry after the game: 

"No. 1, the first place I went wrong was the batting gloves on. It's hard with the fleece on the inside. Two, the zip just wasn't connected to the right area. I think we had a tough time getting it unzipped after. I saw the camera on [teammate Gerrit Cole] in the dugout trying to get it undone."

As you can see by the final image in the clip, Taillon had the dreaded bottom opening zipper thing by the end:


Life is hard.

Of course, the last time he got a hit he was thrown out at first by the right fielder. That moment stood out for the Pirates hurler. "Yeah, it came to mind pretty clear, front and center," Taillon said. "It was time to get a hit. I wasn't going to let that happen again, that's for sure."