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Jameson Taillon thought he had his first career hit, but Kirk Nieuwenhuis had other plans

Coming into Saturday night's start against the Brewers at Miller Park, Pirates rookie Jameson Taillon was still looking for his first career hit. Through his first six starts, Taillon had gone 0-for-10 in 12 official plate appearances.

In the fifth inning, Taillon put a good swing on an outside pitch from Chase Anderson and cracked it into right field, presumably for a base hit. However, Kirk Nieuwenhuis was playing in, and this happened: 

That's just some really unfortunate luck, and solid defensive positioning on Milwaukee's behalf. 

Fortunately for Taillon, he was able to handle this situation with a good sense of humor. As he explained to's Adam Berry after the game, he was more or less deked by Chris Carter's actions at first base: 

"I saw Carter at first kind of turn around and act like it was a regular hit. When I saw that, I was just striding. Next thing I knew, I was hosed at first. He made a good play on it. I watched the video. He made a good throw. But yeah, I would have loved to have had that."

As for the ribbing he's received from his friends and family about the almost-hit, Taillon had this to say:

"Yeah, it's already started. I used to be a little chunky when I was real young, so they're saying it reminds them of watching me play when I was little."

Nieuwenhuis, meanwhile, told's Adam McCalvy that he couldn't recall being involved in a 9-3 putout in his career: 

"I don't think I've ever had a 9-3 before. I caught it and he wasn't that far down the line, so I just slung it over there."

Taillon wound up 0-for-2 at the plate and the Pirates lost, 5-3, to the Brewers, so his hunt for hit No. 1 will have to be on hold until his next trip to the mound.