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Jason Hammel redeemed Anthony Rizzo with a perfect shot at a Blackhawks game

Two weeks ago, Anthony Rizzo stopped by a Blackhawks game to try to shoot the puck for his charity. It went … well, it went like this:


Now, some people might say "at least he tried." But not his teammate Jason Hammel. No, Hammel had to go to his own Blackhawks game on Sunday and fire his own shot into the net. The main difference? His actually made it:


He wanted to make sure Rizzo knew it, too:

Not only is Hammel's slap shot game on point, his hashtags are excellent (though he did miss the #slopshot opportunity). But don't worry, Rizzo. That's what teammates are for. Just like you're there to help Hammel when he's on the mound, he's out there on the ice to salvage your honor.