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Jason Hammel gave himself the lead with a two-out single that bounced off second base

Jason Hammel came to bat in the fourth inning against the D-backs on Saturday with two outs, the bases loaded and the game tied. After trailing 2-1, the Cubs had drawn even thanks to an Anthony Rizzo single that confounded Arizona's defense and a Jorge Soler double that got stuck in the Wrigley Field ivy. It wasn't the prettiest rally, perhaps, but it was a rally nonetheless.

So, Hammel followed suit, knocking a two-run single off of second base, giving his team -- and himself -- the lead:


Hey, it doesn't have to be picture-perfect to count. Runs are runs, and the two driven in were Hammel's sixth and seventh RBIs of the year, putting him second only to Adam Wainwright among pitchers this season.

And let's not discount the fact that Hammel drove in the same number of runs he allowed in the game. Anytime a pitcher can do that, he puts himself in good shape for the win -- no matter how his teammates are handling the inclement weather.