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Jason Kipnis laced a double to left field that just never came back down

There are but a few certainties in life: death, taxes, the ability of Iggy Iguana to eat anything at any time. And, of course, gravity -- everyone's favorite scientific theory, undefeated and causing all manner of shenanigans since the dawn of time. If there's one thing baseball has taught us, after all, it's that what goes up must come down ... unless, of course, you're Jason Kipnis, and what goes up is your double to left during Thursday's White Sox-Indians game. In that case, it'll probably find a way to get stuck in the scoreboard instead:


The play was ruled a ground-rule double, putting runners on second and third -- which seems a bit harsh, considering "finding the inch of space between the scoreboard and the wall" is the most compelling possible argument for an automatic inside-the-park homer that we've ever heard.