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After a close play at second base, Jason Kipnis was ready to protect himself from Rougned Odor

It's not often that a team that just hit into a double play ends up laughing, but Jason Kipnis managed to do it. After a bang-bang play at second base in the bottom of the fifth inning of the Rangers' 9-0 victory over the Indians on Thursday night that got Rougned Odor out, Kipnis quickly backed up in a defensive stance. After all, he knew what he might be coming next. Wink wink

After holding the pose for a second, Kipnis ran off the field, a smile on his face. And then the Rangers dugout broke out with more laughter than your standard live sitcom taping where you're literally required to laugh. 

Just a couple of first-place teams having fun out there.

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Kipnis told's Jordan Bastian after the game that it was a spur of the moment decision.  

"That wasn't planned at all. It just came to me," the second baseman said. "I was just goofing around with him. It wasn't a dirty slide from him at all. It was a slow-developing grounder, so I knew he was going to be right on top of me. It was a hard slide. That's the way I slide into second. I hope he never stops sliding hard into second. He's a good guy. His uncle was my Double-A hitting coach, so I've known about him coming up for a while. I hope he always plays hard."

The Rangers manager, Jeff Banisiter, enjoyed it too. "How fun was that moment? Look, I enjoyed that because I like how Kipnis plays. I like the edginess he plays with. He runs hard and reminds me of some of the guys we got on this club," he told's Ryan Posner. 

"For him to have a light moment in the game of baseball, where we can be very pompous about ourselves and we can be very reactive, to have a light moment with someone on the other team and then come make a statement on how much he respects [Odor] -- I respect him for making the comment and having fun with it."