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Jason Kipnis says the 2016 Indians are worthy of a movie (and Channing Tatum should play him)

After clinching the American League pennant on Wednesday, Jason Kipnis made it clear: The 2016 Indians would make for a riveting movie.

"This team, not the old 'Major Leagues.' This should be a movie," he told 92.3 The Fan's T.J. Zuppe after the Indians' 3-0 win in ALCS Game 5.

In fact, according to Kipnis, the theatrical nature of the Indians' postseason so far explains why the team lost ALCS Game 4 and had Ryan Merritt on the mound for the decisive game:

"[Corey] Kluber in a clinch game just would make too much sense, so that's why we lost yesterday. Having a guy in his second career start would be perfect for the movie, so we were like, 'This is going to work out in our favor.' It literally was talked about before the game."

Makes sense -- and it probably would be better than the last movie made about the Indians. Plus, Kipnis already knows who he wants in the second baseman role:

"Someone really good looking -- Channing Tatum."


Actually, we can kind of see it.