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Even a baseball bat rolling through the infield can't stop Javier Baez from making the play

Javier Baez is Bruce Wayne, James Bond and Val Kilmer from "Real Genius" all rolled into one. And when he steps onto the field, he makes everything look good. 

He was back at it during Sunday's 3-1 loss to the Brewers. In the top of the first, Ryan Braun hit a broken-bat ground ball to short. Only problem: The busted bat followed the ball, and even changed its direction en route to Baez's glove. That would be no concern for the Cubs' shortstop. Baez simply changed his trajectory and barehanded the now twice-hit ball before firing to first for the out. 


Baez got to take part in another piece of smooth-as-silk baseball later in the game. Though he's known for his snap tags, Rene Rivera made sure Baez wouldn't need to use one. Rivera's throw was so on point, Baez simply put his glove down and waited for the ball and Orlando Arcia to meet.


One day, baseball highlights will be displayed in art museums -- and Baez's work will have its very own exhibit.