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Javier Baez wanted to catch a popup so much he took one away from Anthony Rizzo

The antics that infielders find themselves in during a baseball game can reach lofty comedic heights if the moment strikes.

That moment definitely struck in the fifth inning of the Cubs' decisive 5-0 victory in NLCS Game 6 on Saturday night, with Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo and second baseman Javier Baez becoming entangled when Baez really wanted to make the play on a Josh Reddick popup off the first-base area:


This kind of on-the-diamond joviality would make Adrian Beltre and Elvis Andrus -- two leaders of the "infielders-having-a-ton-of-fun-together" variety -- proud. 

A few innings later, this same setup happened once again when Justin Turner hit a popup around the first-base area ... but this time, Rizzo made sure Baez came nowhere near him for the play. 


We've seen Baez do some pretty ridiculous things on the infield recently, so it isn't much of a surprise to see him want to make a play this badly -- nor was it a surprise to see Rizzo make it clear that this was his ball. 

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