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Jay Bell, the bespectacled man who beat the Yanks in the '01 WS, is now their Class A manager

You remember Jay Bell, don't you? The infielder who played 18 seasons in the Majors, crushed 195 home runs, collected 1,963 hits and did it all while wearing glasses like a kid who was trying to figure out a really hard math problem in your AP calculus class.


Well, a few weeks ago, he was named the new manager for the Tampa Yankees -- the Class A Advanced affiliate of New York. A bit ironic because, um, he did score that one little run against the Yankees back in 2001 ...

Hey, you know what they say, time heals all wounds. Good luck to Jay and the Yankees and, most importantly, those beautiful, dinger-crushing glasses.

h/t Pinstripe Alley