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Jay Bruce is back, Mets fans, and here's 5 ways you can celebrate

After a half-season away, Jay Bruce is reportedly going back to the Mets on a three-year deal. The 30-year-old played on the team for the second half of 2016 and the first half of '17 before being traded to the Indians for their stretch run. Back in Queens, he'll likely play a mix of right field and first base and be slated in the middle of the order with Yoenis Cespedes.

How can Mets fans celebrate the return of the man known simply as "Bruuuuuce?" They can do these five things below.

Watch his Mets dingers

In 153 games with New York, Bruce hit 37 homers. That's pretty good. There's this one.

Or this one.

And that one.

He has a superb 277 dingers in his first 10 MLB seasons. The slugger has embraced the fly-ball-means-more-homers trend happening around baseball and, amazingly, since his debut in 2008, only the now-retired David Ortiz has turned more right field fly balls into home runs.

Remember him throwing out some guys at the plate

Although his defensive range isn't what it used to be, he's still got a strong arm from the outfield. He was tied for sixth among MLB right fielders with six assists in 2017 and made only four errors. 

It even helps bail him out of misplays.

Read how excited Mets players are on Twitter about the deal

Noah Syndergaard is happy for some more wacky Bruce.


While Josh Smoker went with the go-to Bruce shoutout: 

Play Bruce Springsteen on really loud speakers until Spring Training starts

Can someone please photoshop Bruce's face on Bruce's face in the beginning sequence?

Be happy that this wonderful handshake with Cespedes will be happening again

We're honestly not sure what's going on here, but we like it.