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Jeff Francoeur demonstrates the simple truth that baseball can be really difficult sometimes

Jeff Francoeur had a bit of trouble in right field

Because MLB players are professionals who make even the most amazing feats look routine on a daily basis, it's easy to forget that this game of baseball can actually be really, really hard. During Sunday's Nationals-Phillies game, Jeff Francoeur reminded everyone of that simple fact.

When Denard Span whacked a double into right field, Francoeur hurried to collect it off the scoreboard. After a bit of a bobble, he turned to throw to keep Span at second, but the ball landed -- well, just watch:


So, yeah, Francoeur was not exactly making things look easy there. Span ended up at third and eventually scored after Danny Espinosa's sacrifice fly. And Francoeur switched over to left field for the seventh inning.

But don't feel too bad for him. He laughed it off, and with a solo homer and two RBIs, he had a pretty good day himself, despite the momentary lapse.