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Jeff Francoeur hit a single, and then had absolutely no idea where the ball went

Francoeur hits single, loses sight of the ball

Players can lose track of a baseball in all kinds of ways -- they can lose them in the lights, they can lose them in the sun, they can even lose them in their ballpark's diabolically white roof. (No word yet on whether they can lose them in a box or with a fox.)

But those were all in the field, which is so 2014. Jeff Francoeur, ever the baseball visionary, decided to take having no idea where the ball is to the next level on Friday against the Cubs -- he flared a single into right, and promptly lost sight of where the heck it went: 

Francoeur single

We've lost the ball in the field, we've lost the ball at the plate. Now, we have but one question for Francoeur: Given his obvious pitching prowess, when will he lose the ball on the mound?

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