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Jeff Luhnow's 'GM 111' license plate served as inspiration for the Astros' rebuild

The Astros endured a rough patch of seasons as they built up toward contention, and none was worse than the 2013 campaign. They lost 111 games, the most in franchise history.

GM Jeff Luhnow was able to find a silver lining, though. He made his license plate "GM 111" in reference to the 111 losses, serving as a mild form of motivation. His wife, Gina, remembered it as the Astros prepared for postseason play this year:

As Luhnow recalled in the video above, he did change his license plate once the Astros made it back to the playoffs in 2015, appropriately opting for "OCTOBB" -- October baseball:

Definitely more fitting -- Luhnow's Astros have gone from 111 losses in 2013 to 112 victories combined between the regular season, playoffs and World Series championship in 2017.. They've come a long way since the days of "GM 111."