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Softball outfielder Jenny Gilbert literally brings down the fence to rob a homer

Screenshot via National Pro Fastpitch on Twitter.

In the first inning of Friday's fastpitch softball matchup between the Akron Racers and USSSA Pride, Kelly Kretschman launched a pitch to left-center field. We mean launched, too -- the ball had carry. It was headed right out of the park, a home run. If only the Racers' Jenny Gilbert hadn't literally crashed through the outfield fence to rob it.

In what was bar-none the best defensive highlight you'll see from Friday night (and quite possibly this week/month/year), Gilbert laid out, taking the fence with her, to prevent the two-run shot.

Not to be outdone, the Pride's Hallie Wilson provided an instant highlight of her own in the sixth inning, diving and sliding to make a catch in foul territory.

After playing this mind-boggling defensive-gem version of H.O.R.S.E., the Pride ultimately prevailed, 6-4.

And don't worry about the fence Gilbert took down. It bounced back.