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Jeremy Hazelbaker's BP home run landed in Chase Field's pool area and into the food spread


When it comes to being in the path of a home run ball, anything is possible … and sometimes time damage is inevitable. Aaron Judge once hit a ball so hard, he put a dent in Yankee Stadium. And there was that one time top prospect Eloy Jimenez smashed a home run into the lights, creating a scene out of "The Natural."

On Wednesday night before the D-backs hosted the Rockies, outfielder Jeremy Hazelbaker did some damage of his own. This time, it caused a mess that's similar to the night you decided cooking lasagna would be simple and your kitchen suffered.

During batting practice, Hazelbaker jacked a home run into Chase Field's pool area and the ball landed in the middle of a food spread. As you can see, there were casualties in the form of delicious goodness. Don't worry, it seems the D-backs were cool with it.

According to's Jarrid Denney, Hazelbaker was more impressed with the fact the food got all over Jake Barrett than anything else.

"I don't know what it was, but I know it got all over Barrett's BP jersey, and I thought that was hilarious, too," Hazelbaker told He tried to catch it, he tried to rob it but it splattered back over the fence and got all over him."

And what did Barrett have to say about it?

"Oh, it was everywhere," he said. "It looked like there was graffiti on the back of the wall. It was hilarious."

"I had no clue what was happening, I just knew Hazelbaker was up. I was like, 'I'm gonna try to rob this ball.' I go up and all of a sudden everybody starts screaming. I look back and there's just splatter -- like ranch and salsa and all kinds of different stuff on the wall -- and everybody's screaming at me. It was all over my back."

Let's hope the cleanup isn't too difficult on them.

The D-backs also gave Cut4 an update on the conditions: