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Cute4: Jerry Narron's three-year-old grandson only throws first pitches from the mound

Hundreds, if not thousands, of adults throw ceremonial first pitches over the course of an MLB season. Most of them don't toss from the pitcher's mound, and we understand why. Getting the ball to home from 60.5 feet away is hard enough before even taking into account the 10-inch incline.

So naturally, we wouldn't have blamed someone like Brewers bench coach Jerry Narron's grandson -- who according to Wezen-Ball's Larry Granillo is just three years old -- for not going the whole distance. He was tapped for the pregame honor at Sunday's Marlins-Brewers game and his mother guided him toward a grassy spot about halfway between the mound and home plate.

But he was having none of that. He escaped the maternal clutches, ran moundward and insisted on throwing his pitch where the big boys do it. Watch the whole sequence above.