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Baltimore restaurant offers Yoenis Cespedes a lifetime supply of crab if he signs with the O's

Winning the Hot Stove season involves much more than on-field concerns. Sure, a team can offer more money or sell free agents on its ability to contend, but it's the little things that make all the difference -- the personal touches that speak to each individual player. 

So, with that in mind, how might the Orioles lure Yoenis Cespedes? A 5-year, $90-million deal can't hurt, but what are his likes? His dislikes? His culinary preferences? As it turns out, the answer to basically all of the above is seafood:

And, Baltimore being the crab cake capital of the country and all, a local restaurant saw an opportunity to join the sales pitch: 


Not content with merely luring outfielders with their delicious seafood, though, the Jimmy's Seafood Twitter account wouldn't stop until they had declared war against the very essence of New York -- the slice of pizza:

At this point, former Oriole and current free agent Chris Davis is probably feeling a little jealous -- all he got were some free crabcakes.